Survive The Walking Dead with Amazin’ Raisins

amazin' raisins survive the walking dead

While the zombie snack food of choice may be your right calf muscle, humans may enjoy a less living snack. Picture yourself being chased by a zombie herd. Hunger hits but all you have left in your knapsack is a can of chocolate pudding.  Clumsily you pull at the lid but there is no can opener in sight and there is still this tiny matter of the zombie herd nipping at your ankles.

What if instead you reached in your back pocket for an pack of flavor infused Amazin’ Raisins? With the easy to open tear strip your only seconds away from quelling your hunger while leaving plenty of time to stay out of chomping distance. Add in the quick energy boost provided by the Amazin’ Raisins and you will have no problem staying out of Herschel’s barn.

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