Raisin 101

What’s so “Amazin” about Amazin’ Raisin?

Amazin’ Raisin isn’t your ordinary raisin! Each raisin is infused with delicious fruit flavor, with No Added Sugar! It’s a raisin that tastes like candy, and it only uses 3 ingredients: Naturally Sweet California raisins, All Natural Fruit Flavor, and Citric Acid! You have to taste these raisins! They really are Amazin’!

Is Amazin’ Raisin a gummy, or is it dried fruit?

Amazin’ Raisin is 100% dried fruit; not gelatin. Amazin’ Raisin is just sun-dried California raisins with natural fruit flavors!

Do you add any sweeteners?

Nope! Amazin’ Raisin is naturally sweet! No sugar or artificial sweeteners necessary.

How many carbs are in Amazin’ Raisin? Aren’t carbs bad?

Every 1.3-ounce bag of Amazin’ Raisin contains 25 grams of carbs. Carbs are nothing to be afraid of! All plant-based foods are primarily carbohydrates. You cannot have a complete or healthy diet without carbohydrate sources. The carbs you need to watch out for come from highly processed grains and added sugar, and Amazin’ Raisin has neither.

Do you use artificial flavors or colors in Amazin’ Raisin?

Nope! Zilch! Nada! There is nothing artificial in Amazin’ Raisin.

What does “natural fruit flavor” mean?

It varies by flavor, but think lemon zest, orange oil, berry extract… we only use 3 ingredients per flavor to make Amazin’ Raisin; The phrase “natural fruit flavor” is used to keep our packaging labels consistent.

Why don’t you use golden raisins?

Golden raisins have added sulfur dioxide used during the drying process. Sulfur Dioxide is a known allergen and asthma trigger; it is important to us that Amazin’ Raisin is safe for as many people as possible, so we use a raisin that has No Added Sulfur Dioxide.

What about allergies?

Our entire facility is FREE of the top allergens: Eggs, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Milk, Fish, Shellfish, etc. We do use REAL FRUIT in the making of our products, though. If you are allergic to grapes/raisins or citric acid, you will not be able to eat Amazin’ Raisin.

Where can I buy Amazin’ Raisin?

Currently, Amazin’ Raisin is available with Free Shipping through our online store, on Amazon Prime, and select small retailers (Bruce’s Foodland). We are working to get Amazin’ Raisin into major retailers soon!

How do you get other fruit flavors into a raisin?

We have a Patented Process that enables us to open the skin of the raisin and get the Natural Fruit flavor right into the core of the raisin. No Added Sugars, Sweeteners, Fillers or Binding Agents Allowed!

What does “Patented Process” mean?

We own a US patent (https://www.uspto.gov/), which means that no one else in the US can legally make flavor-infused raisins with the same method we do. This means that the other flavored raisins on the market will not taste like Amazin’ Raisin. In many cases, the “other guys” use flavored powders, sugary coatings and other unnatural gunk to flavor their raisins. Their flavors are coating the outside of the raisin, while Amazin’ Raisin is Naturally flavored, right to the heart of each raisin.

Is Amazin’ Raisin Organic?

Not yet! We’re working on it.

How do I get my school to carry Amazin’ Raisin?

Please fill out the form here or speak to a representative in person! We strive to have representatives at every state SNA show, and we will be at the national show in Las Vegas this year! You can also call our office from 8AM-5PM Central Time, Monday-Friday, 256-273-5363.

I’m an Influencer/Blogger who would like to review Amazin’ Raisin. Who do I contact about getting samples?

We LOVE reviews! Please contact us by emailing info@afp-us.com, or by calling our office from 8AM-5PM Central Time, Monday-Friday, 256-273-5363. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

I host an event, and I’d love to have Amazin’ Raisin there. Who do I contact?

We LOVE bringing Amazin’ Raisin to events! Please contact us by emailing info@afp-us.com, or by calling our office from 8AM-5PM Central Time, Monday-Friday, 256-273-5363. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m Amazin’! How do I get interviewed or featured in #BeYourAmazin?

You ARE Amazin! We’d love to hear from you! Fill out this form, and someone will get in contact with you!