Our Story

Amazing Fruit Products-US is a family owned and operated company located in Fort Payne, Alabama. Four years ago, Amazing Fruit Products began supplying Amazin’ Raisin to students in K-12 schools nationwide. Now, we want to share them with you! Amazin’ Raisin’s patented flavor-infusion process packs each raisin with delicious, mouthwatering fruit flavor without adding any sugar or artificial sweeteners, ensuring that our Amazin Raisins are as healthful as they are flavorful.

Here at Amazing Fruit Products, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with all natural, whole food, fruit flavor-infused snacks that you can feel great about. Our nutrition label doesn’t have anything on it you can’t pronounce- doesn’t it feel Amazin’ to know exactly what you are eating? Whether you’re an educator, parent, or just someone who knows what good food tastes like… we know you’ll love our Amazin’ Raisins!