Strawberry Raisins – 3 Reasons You Have To Try Amazin’ Raisin Strawberry Flavored Raisins

amazin' raisin strawberry

1. One Word – Strawberry Flavored Raisins

Amazin’ Raisin uses a great tasting, all natural strawberry flavoring to transform an ordinary raisins into delicious Amazin’ Raisins.

2. No Added Sugar

Amazin’ Raisins have NO added sugar! In today’s snack world filled with foods that are drowning in added sugar, Amazin’ Raisins are able to provide a great tasting snack without adding any sugar to the process.

3. Perfect On-The-Go Snack

From the early morning commute to work to the healthy after school snack, Amazin’ Raisins provide the go to snack for any situation. Amazin’ Raisins are the perfect energy booster before your child’s big game or as a quick, convenient option for snacking in between meals.


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